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Leaving Summer Behind & Heading Into Fall

Rita Wheeler

AS we get ready for our beautiful fall season, I look back at what a busy summer season it was!!

June brought a lot of great visitors to walk our sidewalks & shop our small retail store. We enjoyed another wonderful July 4th parade, fireworks & a busy hot August summer in Southport.  Then, Hurricane Florence came to Southport for a visit in September.  She did leave her mark on many in her path.  So very blessed that only tree limbs were all that we had to deal with around the store. The town lost several old trees, bridges & damage to roads. The next week the sink holes on Howe Street were being repaired & the debris was being removed.  So much to be thankful for, but still with a heavy heart for those who lost so much. It was so great to see neighbors helping neighbors & seeing so much hope for our small little coastal town.

Looking forward to seeing you in our sleepy little town this fall. Stop in & say hello, it will be great to see you again!


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