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It’s Almost Easter

Rita Wheeler

As a young girl growing up in Marietta, Georgia, I remember how important Easter was to my family. A time for spiritual uplifting & promise of eternal life. My daddy, yes I still refer to him as daddy, my mother, sister Janice & I always went to Church every Sunday as a family. Several things made Easter Sunday special, but as a young girl I knew we would always get a new dress, gloves, new shiny shoes, new hat & of course an Easter Basket. My grandmother who owned a florist always provided a corsage. A beautiful sticky, prickly corsage that would stick my neck, but I never complained to my grandmother because she loved making them for us. However, I did complain to my mother.

As you enjoy your Easter Sunday, please take a moment to make memories. I know memories can put a smile on my face on those days when I need them most. 

Happy Easter

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