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Is Winter Over?

Rita Wheeler

Our winter in Southport has been cold, dreary and even a few days of ice in January. Now, that is nothing compared to what so many of you had to deal with, but for Southport residents we didn’t care for it at all.

The day after Christmas I began counting the days until I could see signs of spring. This week the signs are showing, daffodils, camellias, and even the trees are showing signs of pink and white blooms.

Is winter over? It is @ Post Fabrics and Gifts. Spring tea towels, pillow cases, flower pots, herb markers, bumblebee shelf sitters, mini garden fun and beautiful fabric for those outdoor seating areas. 

Always remember if you can’t make it to Southport to visit the store, shop online or contact me on Facebook about an item you have seen there. I am always available to send a little spring right to your door. 


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