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Don't Sew? No Problem

Rita Wheeler Don't Sew? No Problem Fabrics

My mom always told everyone she couldn't sew.  She would sew on a button, hem a pair of pants & sew up holes in seam tears.  So, for me that was sewing.  She did the basics and that is what she taught me.

My grandmother, mom's mom, could sew, knit, quilt, crochet, and still have time for her business of being a Florist & having the most fabulous green house in the world. Or as my grandmother would call it "the flower shop & the hot house".  My mom took no interest in following in my grandmothers footsteps, so I guess it was up to me to try & fill those shoes.  Although I never will be able to capture all of my grandmothers talents, she did teach me to improve on the talents I had & ways to improvise for those I didn't. 

My memories of my first time threading our sewing machine was quite comical. My sister took sewing in school & like my grandmother, her talents came easy for her.  My crooked seams, horrible hems, pinning in a very "not" straight line" made me discouraged.  That is where the improvising came in to play.  

For years I believed that hot glue guns, staple guns, Velcro, and two sided fabric tape was made just for me. Since Pinterest has come along, I have realized that is not true. It's not just me. We all have our special talents, some of them we just have to work at a little differently.  Don't sew? No problem.  That is what improvising is for.  You will be pleased with what you can do with a beautiful piece of fabric.  Give it a try......



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