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Before & After 2020

Rita Wheeler

2020 has been a year of Before & After for all of us.  Life "before" COVID & then "After" came with restrictions. Social distancing, masks, less or no time with friends or family & a lot of pointing blame & making politics front & center.  We are rounding the corner, you know light at the end of the tunnel.  Those are just a few of the quotes that can be applied right now.  I'm ready for the vaccine, ready for 2021 & ready for a year of hopefully more love, kindness & less pointing blame.  Even a year with less negativity.  Maybe 2020 has taught us that time is precious & we should always pass the peace. Wouldn't that be awesome? 

Before can be good, but after can be great.  I'm working in the store by adding & rearranging. This is my January ritual. Adding more fabrics, new gorgeous trims, more custom pillows, and of course our Charleston Tea, locally made greeting cards & our beautiful gift section. Always a smile from behind the counter. 

I am so appreciative for your support.  I don't just mean by buying something, I mean all the Facebook shares, comments, Instagram love and word of mouth.  Tell people you know of a little store in Southport tucked away behind the big old oak tree on Howe Street.  If they don't need fabrics, pillows, drapery panels, Charleston Teas, Embroidery Crafts, Thread, Scissors, Trims.....they might just need a greeting card & gift.  Yes, word of mouth is Awesome & SO appreciated by me!!

Here is hoping that your "Before" was a great memory & that your "After" will be a lovely day each day.  See you @307 N Howe St.

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